Extraordinary solution for greening degraded ground areas

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Izoling is a modern, eco-friendly biomass obtained from recycling process and applied as a water-saving soil-substrate.

The technology has been developed by the Izoling-Akam company since 1996. Years of research in cooperation with the best European Universities of Technology resulted in a product, which is characterized by unique properties that enable plants’ growth even at a poor water supply. Therefore the technology provides a breakthrough in the so called greenification projects.

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Why Izoling

This is not just another tool for greening areas, but an unique solution in the field of waste recycling technology.

Izoling Usage

Izoling is the only proven soil created from waste where plants may root, start vegetation even in extreme condition areas such as deserts or areas heavily degraded by human activity.

Land areas

Reclamation of degraded ground areas, regardless of the cause of degradation and protection from erosion effects

Waste management and processing

Improved efficiency of waste management plants (using materials otherwise not recyclable)


Improving climate conditions in areas that were previous without plants, improving eco-consciousness among the population, using otherwise unrecyclable materials