What is izoling?

  • IZOLING is a modern, eco-friendly biomass obtained from recycling process and applied as a water-saving soil-substrate.

  • The IZOLING biomass is received from waste not used in the usual recycling process, like all kinds of fibrous materials.

  • In the IZOLING technology these waste fractions are processed into a sterile bio-mass.

  • The IZOLING production process can be easily introduced into every municipal waste management system as an additional instrument that increases the system’s efficiency.

  • Adjusting waste collection to IZOLING technology is associated with low investment costs.

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Production line

Izoling mass

Production line

Technically Speaking

IZOLING is obtained from organic and inorganic fibrous materials that are mostly useless in the traditional recycling process.

  • Paper/cardboard waste


  • Textile waste and natural and artificial fibers


  • Water


  • Disinfection agents


  • Thus produced biomass is enriched with biological material according to patented methods – as a result, a universal reclamation material is obtained.

  • The quality of the final biomass is comparable with the real soil of the highest class.

  • While cultivation of semi-arid regions encourages erosion of soil, using IZOLING decreases desertification processes

  • Application of IZOLING is accomplished when the plants reach self-sufficient existence and minimization or suspending of water supply is possible.

  • Such technology provides a positive change in climate conditions of the application area.

Izoling mass


Reclamation - dump site

Reclamation - slime

Slope strengthening

Where to Apply

Unique characteristics of Izoling make it a revolutionary solution for reclamation of soil degraded for atmospheric, industrial or other reasons, as well as for protection of steep slope grounds.

Usable in low-water supply areas and desert soil

Revival of unfertile land areas

Decline or reversal of desertification process

Usable at contaminated soil areas

Revival of otherwise unfertile areas

Tested and Proven

Biomass from Waste

Ready for use Izoling mass:

Izoling biomass

Izoling biomass

New life from Izoling

The photos show a mixture of IZOLING prepared with compost and germinating grass in individual pots

Izoling biomass

Izoling biomass

Benefits for Waste management

  • Improved waste processing efficiency

  • Usage of waste materials that are not recycled or used for other purposes

  • WIncrease of landfill capacity

  • Reducing volume of waste going to landfill by 30%

  • Significant reduction in landfills maintenance costs

  • Extension of the lifetime of existing and constructed municipallandfills and reduction of their operating costs

  • Creation of additional jobs at waste management facilities/landfills

  • IZOLING can be used as an inert layer to cover municipal waste

  • IZOLING can be used for reclamation of sludge wastelands