Multi-purpose Artificial Soil

Reclaming Desert and Dusty Areas

IZOLING is the only proven soil created from waste where plants may root, start vegetation even in extreme condition areas such as deserts or areas heavily degraded by human activity.

  • desert areas

  • communal dump sites

  • reclamation of wastelands of different types (rocky, sand-gravel, slime)

  • post-industrial ground with varying pH (e.g. spoil heaps)

Fuel for Energy Production

  • After appropriate treatment in accordance with IZOLING concept, used waste can be burnt and used for obtaining energy. In this way, once problem becomes a new source of income.
  • IZOLING mass is a high-calorie alternative fuel.
  • The residue from burning after suitable preparation can be used as a fertilizer for plants.

Strengthening of Slopes

Properties of IZOLING mass enable strong rooting of plants, which in turn helps to stabilize land, e.g. in construction of roads and embankments under the highways.

Enviromental Advantages

Economic effect - measurable profit for waste management plants (sorting plants) and creation of additional jobs

As the only material capable of greening desert areas with sand and dustiness

Scientific effect - allowing for a number of studies conducted in order to improve (optimize) and implement the IZOLING technology.

The introduction of environmental protection requirements in many countries forces selective collection of waste at source and promotes technologies and methods to recover raw materials.

Implementation of the comprehensive IZOLING technology is associated not only with the reduction of the costs of landfill operation and profits from the sale of IZOLING mass, but also with environmental education of the society on the segregation and management of municipal waste, and the technology itself, through its profitability, meets these objectives and can generate, at each stage of application, measurable economic benefits.

Municipalities and cities have their own specificity of waste, which has a significant impact on the process of introducing the IZOLING technology.

Benefits for Waste management

  • Improved waste processing efficiency

  • Extension of the lifetime of existing and constructed municipal and reduction of their operating costs

  • Usage of waste materials that are not recycled or used for other purposes

  • Creation of additional jobs at waste management facilities

  • Increase of landfill capacity

  • IZOLING can be used as an inert layer to cover municipal waste

  • Reducing volume of waste going to landfill by 30%

  • IZOLING can be used for reclamation of sludge wastelands

  • Significant reduction in landfills maintenance costs

Eco Consciousness

  • Environmental education of the society on the separation and management of municipal waste

  • Contemporary environmental regulations enforce selective collection of waste at source and promotes technologies and methods to recover raw materials and energy from them

  • Scientific studies can be continued in order to improve the quality and optimize the implementation of IZOLING

Case: Reclamation of Degraded land in Czeladz, Poland